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As a landlord or real estate agent managing multiple properties, having a property management tool at your fingertips can help you improve efficiency, maximize profits, and increase income!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I don't want to subscribe to Landlord123, can I still use for FREE?

When you create an account at Landlord123, you will be assigned the FREE package where you can use for 1 property with limited features. 

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

When cancelling an annual subscription, all future charges associated with future years of your subscription will be cancelled. You may notify us of your intent to cancel at any time; your cancellation will become effective at the end of your current annual billing period. You will not receive a refund, prorated or otherwise, for the remainder of the annual term. However, your subscription access and/or delivery and accompanying subscriber benefits will continue for the remainder of the current annual billing period.

How can I subscribe to the packages?

There are 2 ways to subscribe to Landlord123. 

  1. Through this page. Please make sure that you already downloaded Landlord123 on your mobile phone. When signing up the package, please provide us the email address that you used to create your account in the Landlord123 App. Please allow up to 24 hours during working days for the package to be assigned to your account.
  2. Direct from the Landlord123 mobile app. We strongly advise you to subscribe directly from the app. You will be able to gain access immediately to the features that you subscribe to. To subscribe, just click on the “+” sign on the app to add your second property & you will be presented with the page to select the package to subscribe to.
Is the subscription available for desktop version as well?

At the moment, the Landlord123 app is only available for mobile (Android & iOS), so your subscription is only valid for mobile use. 

"I am able to collect my rental on time through timely reminders from the rental process in the app."

– David Choo, Landlord

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