Monetize Your Rental Properties!

Our enterprise mobile application for developers and agencies are at the forefront of innovation, giving you the most efficiency and mobility when managing rental properties.

Why Landlord123 for Business?

When a company choose to brand the app after their organization, these are some benefits that they will enjoy. 

Unique Company Branding

Personalized mobile app with your company logo, branding, and colours.

Value-Added Benefits

Exclusive features and special agency subscription rates for enterprise users.

Easy to Use Mobile App

Give your team the tools they need to manage rental properties easily, efficiently, and consistently.

No Banner or Ads

Smooth user experience without interruptions or distractions by advertisements.

Main Features of Landlord123.

Centralised Dashboard

At-a-glance view of everything you need to know about your rental properties.

Issue Management

Submit and manage property issues such as damages and feedback directly within the app.

Rental Collection

A comprehensive rental collection process including scheduled reminders and notifications.

Property Inspection

Property inspection with real-time photos ensures property is kept in good condition.

Financial Reporting

Record and keep track of expenses for each property for tax reporting purposes.

Contact Us for a Demo!

If you wish to know more about how Landlord123 for Business  works and how we can brand the app to your company, please email us at nina [at]