Finally! An app that gives landlords peace of mind when managing rented properties! If you are a victim of damaged property by tenants, this is the perfect app for you. 

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Challenges Faced By Landlords

Damage to Property

Many times, when damages to the property happen, tenants do not inform the landlord on time, leading to greater damage and costlier repairs.

Lack of Updates

Tenants do not have the obligation to regularly update the landlord on the property condition, often leaving the landlord in the dark about potential issues.

Respecting Privacy

Good landlords respect the privacy of their tenants by requesting to visit the property every once in a while to check on the property's condition.

No Visibility

However, the consequences for not breaching the tenant's privacy, and lack of updates from the tenant, leads to the landlord having no visibility of their property.

A Landlord’s Worst NIGHTMARE!


Below are some real-life examples of property damage not reported by the tenant. As a landlord, you definitely want to avoid this nightmare!

Landlord123 – peace of mind for landlords!

By getting regular updates from your tenant, you can now worry less about the condition of your rented property.

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How to Get Started?

  • Both the Landlord and Tenant download the Landlord123 App.
  • The Landlord creates a listing of their rental property.
  • The Landlord specifies areas (“Fittings”) of the rental property to be updated by the Tenant.
  • The Tenant is linked to the rented property.
  • The Tenant is required (and will receive reminders) to send photos on the condition of the property at specific intervals.
  • What are you waiting for? Download Landlord123 today!


We believe deposit is important because even with insurance landlord won't be able to claim full.

Protecting Privacy of Tenant during tenancy period

Single platform to handle Inspection, Manage Issues & Financial Reporting

A user friendly app without borders: open to landlords and agents from around the world to use

Eliminating Race-base Rental

See what other landlords have to say about Landlord123!

A very good app for landlords. I can now stop worrying about my property because the tenant will update me regularly. I can make sure my property is in good condition and that any damages are taken care of ASAP.

Michael Lim

Happy Landlord123 User

I’m managing over 50 properties for my clients with the app and when I show them this app, they were impressed! They even introduced their friends to let me help them manage their property. Besides selling property, I can manage my clients’ properties more efficiently.

Annie Harris

Real Estate Agent

The tenant was quite reluctant to use the app at first, but after using the app to update me on the property condition, I can fix any damages or issue on the property and the tenant is very happy to stay in my property in great condition. It’s a win-win situation.

Andrew Wong

Senior Marketing Executive

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