Frequently Asked Questions

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Landlord Usage

Is it only available on my mobile phone?

Yes, Landlord123 is only available for usage through smart phones.

Do I have to pay to use Landlord123?

You can download the Landlord123 app, register an account, and add the first property for FREE.

Additional properties from the second property onwards can be purchased via in-app subscription packages.

How much do I have to pay for additional property?

Additional properties from the second property onwards can be purchased via in-app subscription packages. You can view the options available here.

What are Area/Fittings?

Fittings are areas or specific locations set for “inspection” by the landlord, which the tenant is required to update upon the specific date stated in the app. (For example, living room, kitchen, master bedroom, bathroom, backyard, garden, etc.)

Does the tenant have to download the Landlord123 app too?

Yes, the tenant has to download the Landlord123 app and register an account as well.

How do I add a tenant to a property?

Make sure the email address and phone number provided by the tenant is correct and valid in “Property Details”. Tap on the corresponding property and select “Send Tenant Activation Email”. The tenant will receive an activation code via email.

Tenant Usage

How do I add a property as Tenant?

Select “View As Tenant” from the top right menu bar, tap on “Add Property”. Insert the Tenant Activation Code provided in the activation email, and the property will show up in the app.

I did not receive the activation email from my landlord.

Make sure your landlord has your correct email address, or check your Spam/Junk inbox for the activation email.

What do the dates under my rented property mean?

The date displayed is the date it is due for “inspection” by the landlord, but tenants can start uploading photos one week before the “inspection” is due.

Help! I am unable to upload photos from my photo album.

This is to prevent fraud where tenants upload old/backdated photos, instead of on-the-spot photos of the property and various fittings. Tenants must use the camera function to snap real-time photos of the property condition and upload it into the Landlord123 app for inspection.

How Do I Get Started?

Download Landlord123 App

Search for Landlord123 in Google Play Store or Apple App Store & download the app.

Create Property

Create the property that you need to get monitor from your tenant.

Invite Tenant!

Send an invitation from the app to your tenant to get them to start using & update you