Property is a long-term investment, and we hope that over time there will be an increase in property value. After all, they say it’s an appreciating asset for a reason. However, there are a few upgrades you can make to your property which will not only help upgrade its facilities, but also add to its value.

You might think you need heaps of money to do that, but we’re here to share a few ways you can upgrade your property on a budget.

1. Work on the entrance
Many often underestimate the value this can add to your property. By adding a pathway for landed property, flora and fauna around your entrance, and even upgrading your main door can do wonders for your property. First impressions do matter in this case, and if you’re putting your home up for sale, any upgrade you do to your entrance will definitely give off a homely feeling to potential buyers.

2. Paint the walls
Paint chipping off the wall, dirty marks or handprints on your walls… none of that makes a lasting impression. Paint your walls and have fun with it! You can choose a different colour for each bedroom, an uplifting yellow shade for your living room, and a nude grey for your kitchen. Simple upgrades to your wall can breathe new life into a home. For a more cost-effective option, paint the walls yourself!

3. Fix those floors
Parquet is lovely but it has its downfalls. Loose pieces of wood not only make awful creaking sounds but they also display a home that hasn’t been properly maintained or looked after. Fix your floors as and when you need to. Ensure you do not have any termites eating into your floors (if they are wooden). If you have carpet flooring, be sure to enlist the help of professionals to get all that dirt and grime cleaned. You can even opt for a wood laminate if you’re looking to save cost.

4. A kitchen do-over
Many spend most of their time in the kitchen, and if they don’t, it’s probably because it isn’t an inviting space to cook and eat in. These days, a few upgrades like changing counter tops, repainting your cabinets, installing stainless steel equipment, and adding a kitchen island can really make it a more welcoming space. Just be careful not to overspend!

5. Upgrade your bathrooms
Change the sink taps, replace the shower heads, spruce up your bathroom with modern appliances and it will look brand new! Don’t skimp on this part of the home; everyone loves a nice and polished bathroom so you’ll definitely up your game with a few upgrades.

Don’t forget that backyard and maybe even investing in energy saving switches and light bulbs. Always ensure your property continues to remain relevant in today’s market, and pay attention to details. It will set your property apart.

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